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This is Cali, she was diagnosed with wet FIP 2 weeks ago. I caught her outside a month and a half ago, she was literally skin and bones and weighed maybe 4 pounds. She had a rabies tag on her and we were eventually able to get in touch with her old owner who told us he gave her away to someone on craigslist when he moved months before but did not know who or even have their number. He used to live in the street right next to us, so we don't know if his story was true or not since she was still right by where he lived and we have not been able to get in contact with him again since. Regardless, after posting about her and getting no responses, and calling shelters and rescues who could not take her as they were already full, we decided to keep her. We set up a spay appointment and during her spay the vet found fluid in her abdomen and told us he thought Cali might have FIP. Her test came back positive, and a blood test showed she also has pancreatitis, most likely caused by her FIP as well. Cali is now on special food and antibiotics for this as well as her GS treatment, and we discovered she is 6-7 years old even though she is the size of a teen kitten. Her vet bills alone have already cost over $1000 so any help is greatly appreciated as the costs will continue rising. Thank you so much ❤

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