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In December of 2021, we adopted two 7-month-old kittens, a brother and sister, from our local Humane Society. Gilly and Greta, the spunky duo, quickly became part of our family!

About a week and a half away (mid-September), we noticed Gilly wasn't eating much nor was he acting like his usual playful self. After a couple of days to Gilly laying around, we decided it was time to take him to the Vet. That afternoon, we received the heartbreaking news that our sweet Gilly guy was diagnosed with the dry form of FIP. Although we didn't know how we would do it, we knew we couldn't bear to lose Gilly– not without a fight.

It felt like weeks were spent doing research, searching for others who had experienced the same devastation that comes with a diagnosis of FIP, and figuring out our next steps; however, it was only 24 hours later that the research and searching led us to Gilly's first day of treatment.

We were and still are so incredibly lucky to have found the resources we did as soon as we did. Gilly just completed his 9th day of treatment as of today, September 23, 2022. He is still jaundice, anemic and working on gaining the weight back that he had loss. Although we have a long way to go, we have already seen quite a few glimpses of our guy feeling more like his normal self again.

It is with the hope Gilly continues to give us that we humbly ask those who are able to donate to help Gilly fight FIP or to share his story.

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