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I had never heard of FIP before our beautiful girl, Sabine, was diagnosed with it in April of this year after experiencing several seizures and a bloated abdomen. Our wonderful vet told us about this experimental FIP treatment with a high success rate, and put us in touch with the FIP Warriors right away. We began our journey with a rough and rocky start, with many tears, and a few bumps and setbacks along the way. But, after 145 days of treatment, we have now cautiously entered the observation period. A day that I thought at one point might never come. Thank you to the wonderful admins for your help and guidance so far - with a special thanks to Angelique, Heather and Elaine - for all of your patience and time, and for answering my many questions - sometimes very late at night. 🙏 To all of you pet parents on this journey: you are in the very best hands possible with this FIP Warriors team. ❤️🙏