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4 days ago, we took our Tux to the vet because he was getting skinny, but his belly was bloated, he became very lethargic. We were unsure what was wrong, he is 11 months old and his personality was drained from him. Taking him to the vet we figured they would be prescribing us something for him, not telling us there is nothing they can do. We left the vet literally sobbing. David and I didn’t stop there, we have been doing non stop research since leaving the vet. Wet FIP is a deadly disease for cats but with a pretty new turn in medicine there is a way to attempt to save Tux’s life. It’s shots everyday for 12 weeks, and then 12 weeks of close monitoring. & lots of vet appointments to keep up with his health. This is not easy, he does not enjoy the shots but he enjoys the treats that come with it. We have to help fight with Tux, we couldn’t imagine putting our little boy down. We have been through a lot this year if you know us very personally. Also we don’t enjoy asking for help.. at all. But we have no choice but to try. We have so much love for our little guy.

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