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We brought Cupid home from the breeder at age 14 weeks. At first we thought that he was just a calm, quiet kitten. 3 days later we took him to our vet for a wellness exam.  He was anemic and they suspected wet FIP; he was sent home on antibiotics and steroids, along with prescription food. The very next day we rushed him to the local university’s veterinary medical center because he became extremely lethargic and stopped eating. He was admitted to the hospital and was given the diagnosis of “suspected Wet FIP” after more labs and aspiration of fluid from his belly. That day I connected with the FIP Warriors and was assigned to our admin team. The very next day my husband picked up our first 13 vials of GS from a kind stranger and we administered his very first injection at the hospital right before he was discharged.  He seemed to get better, then on day 5 of treatment he crashed, and I rushed him back to the university hospital; the doctor said that the GS was clearly working, but that his hematocrit had dropped to 7, and he needed a blood transfusion to save his life. Like most sphynx, he has B blood, which the hospital did not have on hand. Luckily, our daughter works at the local feline blood bank, and she reached out to her boss, who had B blood emergency overnighted from California and he received the blood transfusion 12 hours later the very next morning. The hospital actually stopped his transfusion halfway through so that I could come up to give him his injection.  He finished the transfusion and was discharged the next afternoon. His hematocrit was now within normal range. Our admins had us increase his dosage and add Pet-Tinic to our daily regimen.  Each day our little boy got better, he was playing with his sister (she is 5 days younger from a separate litter, no shared genetics), was eating like a piggy, and getting stronger.  Some days the injections we harder, and he cried, or I cried; but it also brought us closer. We added weekly cold laser therapy and biweekly acupuncture at our vet to his care plan and it helped tremendously.  We also  did daily positive affirmations, pray and meditation with Cupid. We spoke with our admins every single day, they provided us with so much love and support; they have become Cupid’s guardian angels. Our vet has been so incredibly supportive throughout Cupid’s journey;he is the first cat to go through FIP treatment and this had been such a learning process for their entire staff.  A month into treatment Cupid hit a little speed bump and was hospitalized again at the university hospital supportive treatment.  Three days later he was discharged and was doing so much better.  Cupid completed 84 days of treatment on July 15, 2022 and entered observation on July 16, 2022.  His 4 week observation labs on August 12, 2022 were (per our admins) “perfect”.  His hematocrit was 33.4 and he weighed 7.24 pounds.  He has gained almost 5 pounds since beginning treatment on April 23, 2022.  He’s happy, healthy and he’s thriving. He’s getting to be a kitten; and for that we will always be grateful to Dr. Pedersen, the FIP Warriors, and everyone that is working tirelessly on research and raise awareness that FIP is not a death sentence. As of of this writing we are on day 29 of observation and I am watching Cupid run and jump through the house with his sister, and I am so happy that he was given a 2nd chance at life.

UPDATE: Cupid has completed his 84 day observation and is considered cured:).

Cupid When Diagnosed with FIP

This is Cupid on day 29 of observation!