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On December 1, 2020, there was an urgent text in an FIP group, stating a Bengal kitten had only hours until the current owner was going to euthanize her. My hubby and I drove in the middle of the night to rescue to start treatment immediately. Simi was 5 months old, weighed 2.9lbs, and was so very sick.  We treated aggressively due to her having wet/occular FIP. Within 3 days her eyes were clear, vibrant, and healthy looking. She began to drink, eat, and was becoming more like a normal kitten. We quarantined Simi for two weeks, to allow her to adjust, to her new environment and to help her stay calm. When I was able to finally get Simi in to see our Veterinarian for some supportive care I brought all her medical records.  Simi had started treatment 4 days prior. Our Veterinarian said after reviewing her medical history she would not have known she was diagnosed with FIP. She stated "This is not the same kitten as what these reports say". Our Veterinarian stated "Simi was a very sick kitten from the reports and tests but she is looking like a totally different kitten now". She was truly amazed of the medical differences.  I explained that this treatment works fast if the cat responds to the medicine. After 84 days of treatment and 84 days of observation.  Her labs continued to come  back great and she continued to thrive. Simi became more active and vocal. It took a lot of sweat, blood, and tears to get her through treatment but it was worth it. Simi was deemed cured on 5-17-2021. She has been cured for over a year and she is living her best life now.