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We adopted Ollie when he was 10 weeks old. He was neutered a day before we took him home. 5 days after getting him home he was covered in ringworm. For three and a half months Ollie lived in a tent in our living room and received ringworm treatment twice a week. Once Ollie was cleared he was finally able to get his rabies vaccination. A few weeks later,  I started to noticed his belly was getting very bloated and he was having a hard time breathing. We took him to our Veterinarian on 8-18-20 and that's when we were given the most dreadful diagnoses of wet/neuro FIP. Ollie was given 2 weeks-2months to live. We were so devestated and I was completely gutted. Ollie had such a rough go since we brought him home. He is the sweetest boy and no cat should ever have to go through this awful disease. My hubby began to research about FIP and came across a group called FIP Warriors 5.0. Thanks to this awesome group we were able to start Ollie that night with the experimental treatment. After 84 days of treatment & 84 days of observation Ollie was deemed cured, according to the study by Dr. Pedersen, on 2-01-2021. Ollie is such a happy and easy going kitty. He is so full of love and is living his best life. He is such a joy in our lives and I'm forever grateful for this treatment.