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Lucille was diagnosed with FIP on May 3rd, 2022. That day happened to be my birthday and the news just seemed to come down like a ton of bricks.
Lucille was rescued in November of 2020 from the Central Phoenix area after she had been attacked by a group of older cats. Our son had left to the military and Lucille was the little light shining in our home.
In December of 2021, my son was home on military leave when he noticed one of Lucille’s pupils was larger than the other. Her vet insisted that she had an ear infection and that misdiagnosis almost cost Lucille her life. A different veterinarian finally diagnosed her in May of 2022 after Lucille started showing bad symptoms and was not doing well at all. Her new vet advised me to either put her down or to contact FIP Warriors. I decided to give her a fighting chance and contacted FIP warriors which immediately started her on treatment. They guided me through the process and always answered my questions. Lucille began treatment on May 5th. Although we noticed a quick turnaround, she experienced very bad days shortly after followed by good days.
She reached the 84th day of treatment on July 28th 2022…my dads birthday. Lucille is currently on observation but is still struggling a bit with FeLV related symptoms.
The dilated pupils, come to find out is called Anisocoria. This is definitely a symptom of FIP and/or FeLV. Now that I know, I want others to be aware that this is one of the first symptoms that Lucille exhibited. She had no other symptoms at the time and all “appeared” well for several months after. We searched online for answers but were dismayed at the lack of awareness on this matter. We are more than happy to answer any questions and explain the process in detail for others who are new to this journey.
Thank you 🙏

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