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Asa Bear

My little baby Bear is our 3rd kitten with fip. Our first one, Bear's sister LuciFur crossed the Rainbow Bridge in March. We didn't know in time to get her help but we found fip warriors just in time to help Pumpkin. He had wet fip and by the second week of treatment looked like his old skinny and very playful self. He is now 30 days into observation and his bloodwork is stellar. Bear was not sick in March but I noticed his eye was a little red and I caught him eating dirt. We took him in for bloodwork with Pumpkin but it didn't show enough to start treatment. He was eating, playing and the eye eventually cleared up. He has been in for bloodwork every 30 days since, just as a precaution. His globulins were a little high but his ag ratio was ok. I left for a few days beginnung of July and had my sons home and my mother feeding all the kitties ( I have 12 rescues in my home). They said Thursday Bear was climbing the cat tower and looked fine but Saturday he was hiding. By the time I ran home Sunday night the poor baby could barely walk. Full blown neuro fip. We rushed him to my wonderful vet and she stabilized him and gave him fluids. We started gs right away. Once again fip warriors got me meds lightning fast. He was very critical and it really was touch and go with my baby Bear. Tuesday he could move his tail and ears and that was it. I was giving him fluids subcutaneously and force feeding him with a syringe. We started with a high dosage of gs and are still on 2 injections a day. After many diapers and puppy pads and treats and tears, he is stabilized. We are now 18 days into treatment and he is walking around, using his litterbox and eating on his own! His rear end is very unstable and he falls when he tries to run, but he is trying. Especially when it's time for injections. He is strong enough now to let me know they hurt and he doesn't appreciate them. I know from treating Pumpkin that he will be running from me and act like he hates me for hurting him, but I also know that it's short lived. Pumpkin is much closer to me now and shows me every day that he loves me and I think he knows I helped him feel better. I'm hoping so will Bear. I need my sweet snuggle baby back. It's very hard mentally to deal with the stress of fip. Seeing these babies suffer breaks my heart. Financially it is quite exhausting, too but I can't imagine not trying to help them. And I've told everyone that would listen that fip doesn't have to be a death sentence. There is help and the meds work. And there are people with huge hearts willing to help. I was hoping to never have to do this again and I thought it would be easier second time around.. it isn't. It hurts my heart to see my Bear so sick. The sleepless nights spent holding him close to make sure he was still breathing have taken their toll. I'm a tired mama but I'm going to pick myself up and keep at it. Bear will beat fip and live to see his first birthday. I can't thank all the people that have helped me so far enough. You're life savers.

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