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Nicholas story begins on Christmas Eve 2021 (hence the name Nicholas), Rob and I take care of cats/kittens - we save them - we just adore them all! We were working in the yard one day in the same exact area - we turned around to talk to each other and this little 4-5 week old kitten was in between us. We just starred at each other - we already had 12 inside, we have taken in and we were taking care of 15 outside and we knew that none of the cats had kittens (most have been spayed and neutered by us - the ones we can catch). We did not know where this little kitten came from, it is like someone knew we would take care of him and he was dropped from heaven. We made him #13 - We are not superstitious. We started to notice at about 4 months old he wouldn't play with the other cats and he stuck pretty close to where the food dish and water was up on the counter by the stove - he loved laying on the stovetop under the light. We realized that he started not to see well, we decided to take him to University of Florida Small Animal Vet Clinic. This is where his journey of being an FIP Warrior began. After almost 6 hours - the vet told us he believed Nicholas had FIP. Dry Neuro Ocular FIP! I had been reading on it just before we took him because I am a Dr.  Google (can be bad at times) - I started to cry. The vet told us about FIP Warriors 5.0 and the success rate and how many cats have been cured. We went on the site - and yes like most people - we were very skeptical especially after reading how expensive and about this so called black market - skeptical and scared. FIP Warriors 5.0 put me with an AMAZING admin - two amazing people - Ann Marie Peters Thomas who connected me to Julie Kulczyk Ittel. We started Nicholas treatment on June 5th 2022 - he became a FIP Warrior! - On day 2 of treatment we could not believe our eyes! it was a 180 turn around! He was actually getting back down on the floor and attempting to play. This continued - everyday better and better! He had his 30 day blood work on 7/7/2022 and the vet and our Admin Julie was very happy with the numbers! The cure works!! it is working for Nicholas. Nicholas was again chasing his best buddy/pal Penny around and playing and getting into stuff. Penny adopted him as hers when he joined our inside family. We will continue this fight with Nicholas and I believe he will be cured!! Thank You to Dr. Pederson and all the support from the FIP Warriors 5.0 AND a SPECIAL thank you to my admin who I message often - Julie Kulczyk Ittel!! We - Nicholas included just want to tell everyone, Do not give up!! Fight the fight! It is a cure and just be diligent - watch for signs early don't wait to get started!! You will be AMAZED!

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