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Newton was found on the side of the road, alone, at 4 weeks old, with a severely bulging, infected eye. He also had chronic upper respiratory infections, which he was treated with almost every antibiotic that a kitten can have. I adopted him at 8weeks, after he was neutered. His eye was removed around 16 weeks but he could never seem to shake the uri’s completely. But it never stopped him from being a wild kitten! Roughly at 9-10 mos, his playing slowed significantly and his appetite slowed. He slept a lot and started to get a pot belly. Vet gave him more antibiotics for another uri and said if he doesn’t improve in a few weeks, she’ll draw blood. I asked her to draw it right then. Bloodwork showed low RBC, Hemocrit, hemoglobin, A/G ratio, high protein, he was anemic and numerous other values out of whack. Said it could possibly be fip but ultrasound would tell more. Ultrasound and sample of belly fluid done, vet said “most likely fip.” Mentioned some things about treatment but said it was ‘experimental and very expensive, but I have time. It’s not an emergency.’ I reached out to numerous rescues and got the name of some incredibly knowledgeable people. Started the meds within a day of diagnosis. We were able to do shots for 32 days, then switched to pills. 4 week blood tests showed improvement each time, he started gaining weight after losing his pot belly, appetite returned, and play time resumed. He completed his 84 day treatment and we are almost 2 weeks in his ‘observation period.’ Newton is doing AMAZING! Looks and acts like his old self! 100% back to normal, I’d say! fip SUCKS but it is NOT a death sentence! A tremendous Thanks to his fip support team. We wouldn’t have made it without their incredible knowledge and expertise!