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UPDATE: FIP Warrior Kono completed his 84 days of observation and is considered cured!

Check out this inspiring video of Kono's journey from sick FIP cat to FIP Survivor.

This is my baby Kono, and a few weeks ago Kono became very sick with a high fever and elevated white blood count. They ended up doing surgery to remove a mass that they believed was cancer, thankfully we received great news that it was not cancer, and I was thrilled, but they wanted to check him for FIP, and sadly a week later we got the bad news that he tested positive. FIP is a fatal disease and I absolutely did not want to lose my baby, fortunately I researched and found another option. There is a highly successful treatment that consists of very expensive medication that I have to inject for 84 days straight on top of having blood work done, and coming off the cusp of a large surgery bill. This is a very stressful and scary situation but the results are so amazing that I absolutely have to give my baby his best fighting chance. I hate to ask for money but we have a long way to go and we just can't do this alone. Please help if you are able and thank you in advance

Kono FIP Survivor
Kono FIP Warrior and Survivor

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