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Greetings from Turkey!

Ceviz is a one year old stray cat living in Turkey, Izmir. She became sick on June 28th, 2022. She had a runny nose and would sneeze occasionally. She had trouble falling asleep as well. On June 30th, she had trouble walking with her rear legs. We rushed her to a public veterinarian. Unfortunately, she was highly suspected to have neuro FIP. The vet said if the blood test results show that she's FIP positive they will have to put her to sleep immediately, which I refused. Then, we brought her to a private vet, and they told me that there is a cure! I was filled with hope when I heard she could beat FIP. But then I heard it costs a lot of money - and sadly we didn't even have enough money to get her blood tests done to be able to start the treatment. A few days later, we started a Gofundme page for Ceviz. She was getting worse with time and it was heartbreaking to see her symptoms get worse.

Thankfully, with the help of FIP supporters, we raised the money we need in order to get Ceviz's tests done and buy the first GS-441 medicine bottle! Me and my family were overjoyed, and so was Ceviz!

On July 2nd, she started her GS-441 treatment.

But, one bottle lasts 4 days, and it costs a lot of money (1000 Turkish Lira for one bottle). Currently, we are on day 14, in debt and waiting for donations.

Thanks to your donations, we came this far. But we still need donations in order to continue her treatment. She couldn't be any more grateful. She rolls on the floor and shows her belly for belly pats every day! She's a great cat, very calm too. This medicine is definitely working for her. She's started to walk slightly better, too. So please, if you can, share her story and help us get donations! You can save her life, it is urgent.

Without donations, she won't be able to continue her treatment. Her symptoms will get worse with time and we don't want her to cross the rainbow bridge. We are worried for her and wish we could afford it.

Please help us if you can!

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