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We adopted Emma and her to sisters from our local shelter in 2021. She was always smaller than her other sisters and a little over a month after she came to live with us, her back leg would "flop" sometimes. At first we thought it was due to a lack of coordination. We took her to the vet shortly after that and at first they thought it might have been toxoplasmosis.

Two weeks later, we finally got a diagnosis of FIP. My vet said the prognosis was poor and to just call when it was time to say goodbye.

I couldn't accept this fate. I just couldn't. A few nights later, I would find the FIP Warriors Group who would help me find a life-saving treatment for my Emma. By now she was going blind, her back legs didn't work at all, and she had become incontinent.

We started Emma on treatment on December 20, 2021. Within days her eyes started to improve. She started gaining weight. Around day 33 of treatment, Emma fully regained the ability to walk.

Throughout treatment, Emma would remain incontinent, but it's manageable. She completed 115 days of treatment. After that, she completed 84 days of observation and was considered CURED after that, on July 1, 2022.

It has been quite the journey. Emma is happy and thriving. Though she still needs help to the litter box, she continues to gain weight and live her best life.

This life-changing experience prompted me to create a portrait of Emma in a painting. During the summer of 2022, I'm donating 30% of the proceeds of my art to the Emergency FIP Fund. This video shows Emma as well as the painting I created: