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Loki is a littermate to Castiel, who went through the treatment for wet FIP and was deemed cured as of January 2022. Loki started showing signs of what I thought was something else in May. He was eating ravenously, but losing weight and having bowel problems. I took him to the vet for bloodwork which showed a suspected infection, so he gave me antibiotics. I went ahead and sent a copy of his bloodwork to the warrior admins and they confirmed it looks like FIP - but the dry form. It's strange how different it manifests! With Cas, it was easy to find a "tent", but with Loki - finding a "tent" is hard and he's gotten so many sores! I'm thankful he's eating great (two cans of wet food per day plus free fed dry) and he's pretty much back to himself. He's around day 52 at this point. Looking forward for this process to really be over!! No more FIP in my house, please!