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I am a worried cat mom... Meet Calypso, an 8-month-old kitten that has been the highlight of my life through these tough months with the pandemic. She was affectionate yet territorial, loyal, elegant, and such a ball of energy. All was going great until Calypso began to eat no longer and had a bloated stomach. A few days ago, she was diagnosed with FIP (wet), and I was told the treatment would cost $2,200. Unfortunately, I am a college student unable to cover these medical expenses. If left untreated, Calypso will not make it as the disease is fatal.

These funds will help cover the cost of the FIP treatment and blood tests required for the 84-day treatment. Each vial used to treat the disease costs $70, and each blood test costs $150-$300. If people can help fund this treatment, Calypso will be able to live a longer life! Updates will be given if enough funds are received to help Calypso :)

UPDATE: It is with great sadness that we have to report that FIP Warrior Calypso lost her battle with FIP.   Our heart goes out to her humans 💔🌈