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Miss Luna

Miss Luna became our baby when she was a tiny kitten after repeated head injuries due to her fur momma repeatly kicking her out of a barn loft we rescued her sickly siblings as well. Due to her repeated falls Miss Luna has always been our "special" , she sees things that aren't there or sees things as the enemy and will hit fight mode with absolutely no flight mode to it. She never been real healthy with what we thought at the time was allergies with congestion and breathing issues. Around the end of February into the beginning of March she became much worse so we began to have her checked out and tests run with no clear diagnosis but FIP as always a possibility since the beginning. We where getting ready to look internally but unfortunately Miss Luna took a horrible turn for the worse in less than 24 hours. We had been discussing treatment for her but it was decided that day we had to try. Our baby girl was dieing right in front of us. She responded to treatment amazingly. She's definitely had her horrible days, bad days and really good days but treatment is working for her but her journey isn't over yet. Please support her in her journey .
Thank you 💜🙏

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