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Meeka is a purebred silver charcoal Bengal. She was born on Nov 4th, 2021, and we (im)patiently waiting until February 1, 2022 to bring her home. She was a tiny little thing; weighing less than 3lbs. Over the next few weeks, we noticed she had GI issues, and in late February we learned she had tritrichomonas. She was too small for medicine, so we tried a high fiber diet with probiotics. Her GI issues didn’t get better and we noticed she had a pot belly. For the most part she continued to be an energetic kitten. Oddly on Wednesday March 23rd, we noticed she had no interest in playing and she became extra snuggly. By the weekend, she became lethargic and she really had no desire to eat or drink. I also remember her belly and ears feeling hot to the touch, and her belly was distended. On Sunday March 27th, we took her to the ER VET and they gave us the sad news of her FIP diagnosis (wet FIP). Fortunately they also gave us hope and information about the FIP Warriors and an experimental GS treatment. I bawled the whole way home, and my husband and I agreed we were not giving up on her - she wasn’t even yet 5 months old. Sunday evening I reached out the the FIP Warriors; Monday we picked up her initial medicine and supplies (and lots of instructions); and Tuesday a warrior parent came to our house to show us how to do everything. On Tuesday March 29th Meeka started her FIP GS treatment; and on Monday June 20th she had her 84th treatment. Meeka started her observation period on June 21st (weighing 6.5lbs; and a few days shy of her turning 8 months old). We’re a few weeks into observation and she is doing well!