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Day 84 - On January 14th I never thought this day would happen. When Tasso woke up paralyzed and I rushed him to the vet, I was told by the on call vet that he has FIP and there was no hope. But he was only 8 months old!!! Devastated, I kept him at the vet overnight. The next day he had a different vet. She gave hope. And she gave the name of an organization, FIP Warriors, that would be able to help. But here's the kicker. I already KNEW and was in touch with this organization due to my good friend Hillary Hess who had already hooked me up with them. I took him home in a rain/snowstorm. But made a stop on the South Shore to pick up a vial of the black market drug GS-441524 from somebody I did not know!!! She showed me how to do it, gave tricks and tips. Since the vial only lasts 3 days, then was 2 because he was double dosed the first week, I had to find more on Long Island. At $60 a bottle. I went out east one night. Then 2 days later to Queens. All to meet with people I did not know to get a black market drug. What was I thinking!!! I was thinking I HAD to save Tasso since I lost Tigger. Met some really nice people, some who I am friends with online now. Today he is finally CURED!!!! Cured of a deadly disease. Dr. S who he has seen the past 3 bloodtests is absolutely amazed at him and his progress. With this drug he was standing and walking in 48 hours! I want to thank my admins, Zina and Tricia, who were amazing thru this ordeal. 168 days!! I want to thank Hillary Hess for getting me in touch with the right people. I want to thank my friends that helped support me financially and emotionally thru this whole thing. It's been a nightmare to go thru with along with everything else a mess in my life. Tasso beat FIP!!!! #FIPSurvivor