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Oreo came down sick December 2021.He had been very larthagic not eating and then developed a tempreture which we couldn't seem to get down. Tge vets noticed a slight cough and decided to give him antibiotics. Oreo just didn't improve and on Xmas eve he took a turn for the worse. He woke up and was all dizzy and couldn't stand tidy so we went to the emergency vets who took xray scans and bloods. My baby had FIP. They tikd me it was fatal no treatment although remdesivir had been know to help with some cats but it was hard to get and very expensive. A vetenary nurse told me she had heard of a group called FIP warriors and to contact them through Facebook. I was so afraid of loosing my baby I decided to take her advice. They were awesome. They arranged for me to collect treatment from a lady living near to me. Within 48 hours his tempreture came down and he was more alert. It was Like a miracle. He improved more over time although he hated the injections and would always run and hide when it was time. It was a very hard journey very emotional time but it was worth it to see my baby getting better. At 81 days of treatment he developed 2 abscesses on his side . His tempreture was up and he went on antibiotics. Within a few days he was much better but couldn't have more injections because of the abscesses so instead he had pills for an extra 15 days which was total of 99 days of treatment them went into observation. He's now on day 78 of observation and today is his 1st birthday . My baby did it hes 1yr old and still here. Without the warriors he wouldn't be. Theh were amazing they were there foe me and Oreo through everything. I can never put into words my gratitude to them especially Dee Nancy Nadine Julie and Lisa I take my hat off to all if you. You have been my rock through good and bad xx