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In September of 2021 my friend and I helped rescue these three sick kittens who had been dumped in the woods on an archery trail. We nursed them back to health and sent them off to rescue to find their forever homes. Late in December one Monday night I get a call from the rescue asking if I want to be present for the euthanasia of one of those kittens who was suspected to have FIP. I was devastated and asked if I could take the kitty for a second opinion they said of course and I dropped everything in a panic to take her to the emergency vet. My friend drove us down while I googled everything I could about this deadly disease. I will never forget seeing the results come back "FIP IS NO LONGER A DEATH SENTENCE" I went down the rabbit hole found the warrior group while we waited to see the vet. I thought there's hope but is it too late? How on earth will I get this medicine fast enough to help this sweet baby? The vet confirmed the diagnosis showing me the tell tale yellow fluid from her belly and immediately begin pressuring me to relieve her suffering that night. Fortunately the warrior group was incredibly responsive and was simultaneously encouraging me not to euthanize but also helping me find an emergency vial. I was in the exam room wavering and arguing with my friend and the vet for several hours but eventually chose to leave that night and spend the next time making this happen. The next day we brought her to two more vets (one who refused to participate) and another who was willing to provide supportive care while I pursued this treatment. That afternoon I met another warrior mom in a grocery store parking lot to get the emergency vial, needles, and encouragement! Her kitty was almost out of observation. I was ready to give this a try. Having never given an injection I was terrified, but watched some videos on youtube, and with shaking hands administered the first injection. She didn't fight it and I prayed she would start to feel relief. It seemed like almost immediately her appetite returned. Soon after her fever broke. Day by day her belly started to shrink. Her demeanor completely changed. She was no longer acting like a sick kitten. Day by day, injection by injection, I was amazed. The "runt" of the litter was finally starting to grow again. By her 30 day bloodwork her vet was shocked. Her x-rays showed the dramatic loss of fluid. Halfway through we switched to pills. As we approached day 84 some of her bloodwork was a little concerning so we extended treatment. After 113 days of treatment we entered observation. As I write this we are on day 60 of observation and she right on track. I think often about how close I came to losing her. I am so grateful for the quick responses from the Warrior Group in the middle of the night. It is such a blessing to see my girl thriving as she approaches her first birthday.