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Lunar came to me as a single bottle baby roughly 4 weeks old. I was fostering a mama that delivered 5 boys. Mama accepted her as her own. And she still wanted the bottle too. Lol Her belly swelled and she was lifeless. We drove 2 hours 1 way in a horrible thunderstorm to a 24 hr vet where they sampled the fluid and diagnosed FIP. The next night, we drove another 2 hours 1 way in the opposite direction to get the meds and her treatment started. She ended up getting 2 blood transfusions, and things started looking not as bleak. I had hope. 84 days of injections I did alone with the help of gabapentin, and 84 days of observation and she was deemed cured Jan 26th, 2021. She is living perfectly happy and healthy thanks to FIP warriors 5.0