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In March of 2020, our sweet almost 2 year old baby, Venus, was diagnosed with wet form FIP. Her litter mate, and best friend, Cinder, was completely unaffected! We were told there was nothing that could be done and her breathing would eventually cease due to her lungs being crushed by the fluid in the sacs around them. Less than a month prior, we had heard a vet call in to Elliot in the Morning (a radio show in the area) and speak anonymously about an experimental treatment that was saving FIP cats and kittens. Thank goodness we remembered the website referenced...! This site lead us to the FIP Warriors Facebook page and the admin that helped us save her life! We met a stranger 2 hours from our house who stood in his driveway and taught us what to do. We had the fluid drained (131mL!!!) and began our journey. It took three months of heartbreaking daily injections, sores, hiding, and almost two months in a "cone of shame" to prevent further scratching. In the end, we came out after 3 months of medication and 3 months of observation with a cured FIP kitty! Venus is now a healthy, happy, and playful almost 3 year old ball of love! Thank you so much to zenbycat for existing! Thank you for linking people to those who are out there to help! You were the first glimmer of hope we had on that very, very dark summer afternoon.