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On September 23, 2022 I bought amara off of breeder when she was 3 months old. Amara was battling an upper respiratory infection and I quickly started her on medications. After a couple weeks on medication she was able to breathe better and fought off the infection. Just 2 months later when amara was 5 months old, I noticed her belly was oversized. And I feel like it happened over night. I noticed for 2 days straight that she would hide under the bed and I knew something was wrong so I rushed her to the vet. On December 15, 2021 that very same day, get vet did blood work, and her numbers were basically all off. So they told me they wanted to do X-rays of her belly. And I allowed them to. While impatiently waiting and praying to god that amara was okay, the vet comes out. And tells me that they had to tap her belly because they found fluid in her abdomen and that this was text book wet FIP. The vet told me amara had no more than 4 weeks to live. They took out more then 30L of fluids from her belly. They told me my options were to put her to sleep or to look up on Facebook FIP warriors 5.0. So I did just that. I came across an amazing moderator and 2 admins that helped me start amara on treatment that very same day. I went to a ladies house and bought 1 vial from her and she showed me and my husband how to administer the injection to amara. Amara was never acting like she was sick, so I think I caught it rather quickly in my opinion. Amara was on injections for 53 days and that’s when I decided to switch to pills because her skin became so tough and it was becoming extremely hard to give her injections. She was on the aura blue injections and also pills (when we switched her over). After 2 weeks on the pills amara had her spay and everything was great. A couples days later, amara developed a rash on her belly. I immediately spoke her her Facebook admins and they wanted me to take her to the vet so I did. Her vet started the notice that ever since amara was switched to the pills on the blood work there was something coming up that either prompted “allergy or parasites”. Amara was tested for blood clots, parasite and all came back negative. Thank god. So her vet told me that she believes that amara is allergic to the pills. I reached out to my admins and they did tell me that the mix compounds and maybe amara was allergic to one of the compounds. I was also told this has happened before to other cats. Amara vet told me to stop the pills  and switch back to injections. At her next blood work her “allergy blood work” (there’s a correct term that I cannot remember but that term means allergy” had come back almost normal from being high. Amara went back to injections like previously mentioned and her skins thankfully was able to take the next 2 weeks of treatment. Amara on march 16, 2022 entered observation and everything was smooth sailing. On June 4, 2022 amara was finally CURED! Amara is now 11 months old and she’s finally catching up on weight and is still a bit behind on growth. However, she’ll get to where she needs to be. We’re so glad, grateful, excited, over the moon happy that we saved our little girl.

We have videos on YouTube and TikTok on amara journey. We have spread awareness on both platforms and so far we’ve brought in over 30,000 views and so many comments of people not knowing there was a cure. I feel like amara was meant to come into my life and I was meant to cure her and give her the best life any kitten/cat deserves. She saved me like I saved her. Thank you for reading our story and follow us on our journey of life.

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