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We caught Sosie's wet FIP early, but if it hadn't been for my wonderful vet who told me about the FIP Warriors group, and the admins who responded so quickly, I might not be writing this now. She was diagnosed on Oct. 4, 2021 and began treatment two days later, thanks fast communication, coordination, and luck. I was amazed how Sosie bounced back after the first few treatments, and after a month was doing parkour on the furniture again. But the virus was stubborn. Even though she's a tiny cat, we had to double her medication for an extra two months to cure her. I tell everybody about Sosie's FIP, her treatment, and that such effective medication should be accessible and affordable. We know it could be! Cats pioneered the successful use of what became an FDA-approved COVID-19 treatment, and it's long past time they should benefit from it, just as we have.