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When Edie was 4 months old, we noticed she was grinding her teeth while she ate. We had only had her for about 2 weeks at this point, but wanted to get her checked out. Her vet concluded she had a fever and told us to watch her. She continued to have a fever for weeks, as well as a bloated abdomen. She spent almost every day at her vet or the ER vet, until finally it was determined she was positive for FIP. We were told we should think about end of life care. Not on our watch! We found the FIP Warriors group and we were immediately connected with an admin who helped us get emergency medication and support. After a long 3 months of injections and a 3 month observation, Edie was officially cured on May 20, 2021. She is such a sweet and polite cat, I could not imagine living without her! We are grateful everyday to the FIP Warriors and ZenByCat for the guidance and for giving Edie a chance at a full life.