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Merlí comenzó a estar muy apagado, comiendo poco, durmiendo todo el día adelgazando a principio de febrero del 2022... Fuimos al veterinario se le hicieron análisis y si bien daban mal no se sabía que podía ser. Lo comencé a notar cada vez más apagado y con una pancita de líquido, lleve a una veterinaria Catfriendly y durante dos días le realizamos estudios y determinamos que era PIF húmedo. Mi mundo se derrumbó. El 9 de marzo comenzamos con el tratamiento, hoy vamos por la dosis 78/84, mañana se harán los análisis para saber si se termina su tratamiento el día 84 o se debe continuar un poco más...

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Merlí began to be very dull, eating little, sleeping all day losing weight at the beginning of February 2022... We went to the vet, they did tests and although they were bad, we did not know what it could be. I started noticing it more and more dull and with a liquid belly, I took it to a Catfriendly veterinarian and for two days we carried out studies and determined that it was wet PIF. My world collapsed. On March 9 we started with the treatment, today we are going for the 78/84 dose, tomorrow the analyzes will be done to know if his treatment is finished on the 84th day or if it should be continued a little longer...

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