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Clawde Purrkins

Clawde was a feral kitten, abandoned by his mom at only 2 weeks old.  Scared, half blind, and crying, he crawled his way to my house, where he got all the help he needed to thrive.  My family and I worked around the clock to help him.  

He completed our family.  He became the best friend to his older sister Junipurr, became the only kitty to play and sleep with our dog, Bella, and the only kitty our 15 year old Katrina-kitty could tolerate.  He also became best buddies with 5 year old Zack, who he sleeps with every night and plays with during the day.  

After he reached 5 months old and got neutered, I saw a change.  No more playing, no more bathtime visits, no more energy and he barely ate.  Weird thing was his tummy was growing like a balloon.  

I took him to the vet and got the grim diagnosis of fip.  The vet wanted him put down immediately.  I found FIP Warriors instead.  It took some battling with the vet, but in the end, she agreed to help with prednisone and blood work.  And so we also became an advocate for other fip kitties in our area.  The vet is learning more every time we bring Clawde to the vet.  I am hoping it will save lives.  

Clawde has grown so much since his diagnosis... over 3 lbs in fact, and I don't think he's stopping.  I think he's going to be huge!  I hope he gets the chance to live long enough to stop growing.  And with the help of generous people like you, he will.  

I thank you for listening to Clawde's story, and just praying for him or thinking positive thoughts.  

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