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I'm doing everything I can to raise money, but it's completely stopped. I don't have any family, and don't know many people in my small town.
Ritz really needs donations so I can order syringes and needles, he only has a few left 💉 I don't have much time to get these things for him.
I also need to buy him more treatment vials, and his multiple medications he's taking. And we have a balance of $223 at the vet from his 4 week blood work and tests that I have to pay off. I'm out of work because of my health, and I don't want to let my sweet boy Ritz down 🐾💙
If you can spare anything, or could share Ritz's GoFundMe page, that would be so helpful.
The funds already raised previously went towards his initial vet visits when he was diagnosed and his first rounds of medications and treatment. There's nothing left.

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