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Hi my name is Alyssa. I rescued Jack from outside on April 8th 2022. I have been feeding Jack for over 2 years. He showed up when he was just a kitten. I never got to pet him until April 7th because he was so standoffish of people. We’ve always had a bond since the first day we met. Thinking he was having heat exhaustion I brought him inside & got him into the cool bathroom with fresh food & water. I took him to the vet that following Monday to get tested for fiv/felv & have his breathing checked. Instead they had me leave & rush him to the ER vet. The ER vet decided that because I was honest saying he was feral & with his present symptoms he had fip. They put him in isolation & never addressed his breathing (with oxygen) or gave him fluids. Instead I was told multiple times to euthanize him because he had fip. I didn’t want to do that so they sent him home with antibiotics. I was able to get him into another vet 97mi away. While there we learned that he can’t jump. This vet did blood work & he tested positive for FELV, had positive corona titters, fluid around his stomach but not enough for a sample, a major infection & air around his esophagus. Within a week of that appointment Jacks eyes started having problems. (He was treated with eye drops)his left eye & his walking have gotten worse. It’s just been a lot. I want to get Jack into a different vet that specializes in cats only & also I desperately need to be able to get him more treatment. I love him so much. Can we please show Jack that where you come from or if you were feral it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a life saving treatment & to live in a safe loving environment.

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