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I am a furr-ent of 12 cats
6 of them are adults already ( spayed as well) 4 of the adult were rescued 2 were gifts.  
In oct 2021 one of my rescued cat impregnated my scottish fold himalayan cat a day before his scheduled spay ( what a sneaky cat) and resulted to another 6 lovely kittens that made me a mother of 12.

5 of the kittens died between april 21- may 9.
The only one left is TRICY.

Attached below are his videos taken awhlie ago.

Tricy was diagnosed with FIP today (wet type), he is only turning 6 months old this may 22. We already lost 5 of his siblings due to Parvo and FIP between April 21-May 9, 1 of them died untreated, while the other 2 died after their first day of treatment, the other 3 were treated for parvo for about a week and since they somehow showed improvement their vet advised that its ok to stop the parvo treatment, but after a week   the 2 of the kittens showed difficulties in breathing to the point that they cant sleep, the following day we brought them to the vet but unfortunately both of them didn't make it, and that is when we found out that its not parvo anymore. Feline Coronavirus  and it had already mutated to FIP which may have been the caused of their death.

Tricy was diagnosed a bit late because he was the most active one, and last May 11 he did the 4-way test which all came out negative but his CBC/Bloodchem showed that there’s some disease he’s been fighting, then May 13 we did another test just to be sure- the FIP antibody test and he tested positive, based on his x-ray that time he has formed  fluid in his abdomen already but the doctor came back and said maybe it was blurry because he’s still a baby and asked us to comeback after 5 days for a follow up . She pescribed meds for that 5 days hoping it was just infection or bacterial.

, so on his follow-up check-up awhile ago (May 18) they were able to get fluid on his abdomen and he tested positive on the Rivalta Test. He’s bloodtest is not okay and the fluid in the abdomen needs to be prevented to reach his thorax.

He is currently admitted and needs further medication, which is expensive. 84 days treatment is bearable if the diagnosis happend ewrlier and we didnt exhaust all the money to the meds that did not address their real illness.

The cost of the vial is expensive considering the term of treatment i will definitely abe willing to be bankrupt if i need to just to tend to my babies needs but im nearing to reach that limit .

And he might need more vials a week depending on his weight progress, we had exhaust all of our resources to treat them (including the 5 kittens who unfortunately died),

Im very worried and brought the mom of the kittens too earlier to be tested. She had okay bloodwork and no fluid in her stomach but had also tested positive on the 3 way test  and the FIP antibody test, but since shes still well based on her bloodwork we took her home and currently taking medication at home.

We are hoping to save Tricy from this deadly disease, and this will cost a lot so we are humbly asking for any kind of help, but we mostly need to raise funds for his meds and possibly for the over all test of our 5 more ADULT CATS that could also be positive for the other virus Suki tested positive for.

My biggest scare is having them diagnosed but i dont have anything to help them. Losing a pet is definitely painful but losing 5 in a week is really UNBEARABLE.

. Tricy is still active even though he has pain in his body, it just shows na he really wants to defeat the virus. Ever since the 6 of them got sick he is the most hopeful.

We are hoping that you could help us through Donations,  any help is appreciated and any cents will definitely add one day to their lives.

Sharing this post would also be a really great help.

For other information, questions and suggestions you could directly message me.


Hanna L.


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