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Mooni had a rough history before he found his forever home with Alyssa: a stray who completely shut down when brought into a shelter. He hated being confined and was likely to be euthanized if his behavior did not improve. He was taken in by a foster until Alyssa adopted him in December 2019.

In late February 2022, Mooni started to act differently. He didn't finish his meals and became uninterested in playtime. Alyssa coaxed him with extra treats, affection, and even switched his food, but his condition slowly became worse. He was admitted to urgent care for 1 night for fever, fluids, and observation. Two days later, back at home, Mooni refused food and had to be given water with a syringe.

Thankfully, Mooni's former foster family had experience with FIP in other cats and recognized all of the symptoms. FIP Warriors determined Mooni had dry/neuro FIP and started FIP treatment on February 21.

The first few injections were hard, it was a lot to handle at once, but Mooni's attitude changed dramatically! Within a week, he was playful again, eager to eat, and starting to walk normal.

We're nearly done with treatment and looking forward to the shining light of observation!

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