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Today is a very special day.Stitch is Deemed cured from FIP the day before his first birthday ❤🐾🙏 When I was given the diagnosis that Stitch had FIP my world came crashing down I was devastated. I was told that there was no cure. I had to make a selfless decision to put my baby down because I did not want him to suffer anymore💔I even picked out his urn.As they took Stitch to the back to proceed euthanization my husband stop the procedure because he wanted to do research to see if there was a cure. We took Stitch home and found a wonderful group that's willing to step up to help save our fur babies that has this deadly disease. I am so grateful for them they are truly angels @fipwarriors50 I want to thank Julie Kulczyk Ittel and Willow Kimura for stepping up to save my baby and continue to work so hard for other families to save their furbabies you are so special to me THANK YOU for all you does not go unnoticed.thank you because now Stitch can live a long Healthy life❤🐾🙏 For all the ones who are going through treatment keep going because it is so worth it at the end #FIPSurvivor