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Hi my name is Aimee. My cats name is Grumpy. He’s a 1 year and 4 month old Bombay grey house cat mix. He’s my childhood cat reincarnated. He follows me endlessly, sleep my me, sits by me when I’m sad. He’s just such a pure soul. Never scratched, hissed, fought, ect. He was brought here to love. He had a brother named Hercules who died at only 3 months old. I could see how sad it made Grumpy and from that point he was always at my hip. He’s my third cat and the baby of all of them. I can’t imagine not having more of his love in what should be a long healthy life. Any donation is appreciated as we are a paycheck to paycheck family. We’re not giving up yet and hopefully today he’ll hold down some food and gain some life back into him.