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Tigre was suspected with dry ocular FIP on 7th of April and this was confirmed 5 days later.
Two weeks before he had an abscess on his tail so he became lethargic, but even after it healed he still wouldn't act like before. He stopped purring too, his right eye gradually became red. What we thought was a normal eye infection turned out to be a fatal disease, this was so unexpected we couldn't cope with the idea of losing him.

Since the vet wasn't sure at first she gave us antibiotics and eyedrops but those didn't work obviously. His condition was getting worse, he wouldn't eat anything not even if forced, his back legs weakened so much he didn't have the energy to reach the litter box. We saved him once, we rescued him from a life in the streets as he was an orphan stray kitten, this time it felt like we couldn't do anything 😞.

But it has been almost a month since we started the treatment and he is doing so much better, it feels like a miracle.
He is eating well, gained weight from 3.8kg to 4.60 kg, his eye is back to normal, he is very playful and loves chasing moths and flies. Not to mention that he is slowly starting to purr lightly too, it has been so long I didn't hear his loud purr.

Also his birthday🎂 is going to be this Sunday, he will be approximately 1 year old. We are so excited, we thought he wouldn't make it. Although we are not sure when his actual birthday is, he appeared to be around 2 months old when we found him.

We are in a very tight position financially and are extremely grateful for the help FIP Warriors and those who donated have given us. If you could please donate a little bit, it does not matter how much anything is helpful, or just share this link you would be helping a little poor kitty. 🙏❤️

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