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Serafettin was a stray kitty I used to feed regularly. On April 13th, 2022 I noticed that he had difficulty breathing and couldn’t eat. I immediately took him to the vet. I was told he needed tests because there was fluid build-up in his lungs. We had blood tests, x-rays and ultrasounds done, and sample fluid from his lungs tested. The diagnosis unfortunately was FIP, a deadly disease for which treatment needed to be sought asap because otherwise Serafettin would have no chance at survival. The medication for it (GS-441524) is very costly and it is needed for 84 days straight without a break for a successful treatment. With loans and donations we were able to start the treatment. Within the first week Serafettin started responding to the treatment. His breathing got better and less painful, he started eating and having bowel movements. Each bottle of the medication costs $82 Şişesi and lasts about 5 days. As Serafettin puts on weight, the dosage will need to be increased. We need about 14 bottles of the medication and we may need more as he puts on weight. He also needs blood tests once every 30 days. The medication’s price keeps on going up in Turkish Lira as it is indexed to US$ and Turkish Lira keeps on losing value against the dollar. I am unable to afford the treatment. It is way out of my reach. I wish I had the money for it, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to spend it for Serafettin or any other animal in need. Without your support we won’t be able to continue the treatment. We can’t abandon Serafettin and let him alone facing a death sentence that is sure to come soon without the continuation of the treatment. He is responding well to the treatment and it looks promising that he will survive if he has the chance. As of the creation of this campaign we have less than a week’s worth of medication. Will you help Serafettin please? Please support us in his fight to remain alive. He is a lovely and amazing kitty who deserves more than having his life cut off short when there is treatment available.

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