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Arya (in memory) & Penny (cured)

In December of 2018 we surprised our 5 & 8 year olds with 3 kittens. It was meant to be 2 but we fell in love with 3 litter mates and adopted them all to keep them together. Within 6 weeks of having them we noticed Arya was losing weight, lethargic, and simply not acting like a kitten. After several visits to the vet we learned our sweet girl had FIP. A disease we had never heard of. We contacted Arya's foster mom who had some knowledge of FIP. We tried many different therapies but she went downhill very fast. On April 1st we had to put her down. It is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. She had already developed a strong bond with my 8 year old son. Trying to understand how something so devastating can happen to a kitten still just seems so cruel. I still cannot write about this or even think about her without sobbing. She is deeply missed. A week after we lost Arya our foster mom (who was also devastated) brought us another kitten, Penny. She gave us Penny for free. Penny was also Arya's littermate. We were happy to rescue another kitten, even though the circumstances behind why were terribly sad. After having Penny for several months we started to wonder if she was losing weight. We never worried about FIP, because although she seemed scrawny, she was active, played all the time, and would eat everything in sight. When we took her to the vet in November we were in utter disbelief to hear that she too had FIP. We could not believe it. This disease that our vet knew very little about, and that we were told was so rare, was affecting us again, just a few months after we had to put our sweet Arya down. Something seemed different this time. Penny was not hit hard like Arya was. We immediately passed this news on to our foster. After 2 cats in the same little having FIP, we felt it may be helpful for her to warn other adoptees. It was she who had heard of FIP Warriors on FB and gave us their information. in November we were told Penny had maybe a month to live. On December 1 we started her 84 day treatment, with the support of our vet. We saw improvements within a week. She started purring again, became more active, and quickly started gaining weight. I am happy to say that as of today, April 29th, 2022, Penny is in phenomenal health. Her most recent vet exam showed normal bloodwork, she has gained all of her weight back, and she is an extremely loving and happy cat. She is our little miracle. We are so happy that through the research and work of FIP Warriors and vets around the world, this disease is becoming less of a death sentence and more readily treatable. We understand there is a long road ahead, but we can't think of a better cause to donate to.