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Mirage, and her 6 babies, arrived at my home on May 12, 2021. After fostering her 6 babies to their forever homes, Mirage was left behind in my foster care. Right before Christmas Eve, I was approved to officially adopt her. After the new year, I noticed Mirage didn’t want to engage in play. Then I noticed she wasn’t eating or drinking as much and was visibly losing weight, never a good sign. I got her into see my vet. After running some bloodwork, I got the call from my vet, and she mentioned FIP. A few days later we confirmed that it was FIP Wet. 48 hours later I went to meet a family that had successfully treated their cat for FIP and then picked up my starter supplies. That evening I took the bold step and did the first treatment, just Mirage and me. One down… only 83 more to go! Within a few days of that initial shot, Mirage’s fur looked healthier. She started to move around more and was eating and drinking on her own. Mirage was steadily gaining weight and she started to play again. Mirage continued to get stronger, and it was nearly impossible for me to do the shot without any assistance. At our first 4-week appointment, my vet could not believe the difference! They were shocked at her wonderful turnaround. If Mirage didn’t have a distinctive tipped ear, they would’ve thought I brought in a different cat! Our third active 12 weeks treatment bloodwork came on Day 84. I told my vet, “If the labs come back good and my FIP admin team approves, she’s done at shot #84.” That’s exactly what happened – we were done at day 84. When I received the approval to move into observation, I cried happy tears! We are currently on Day 12 of 84 in observation. Mirage has so much energy! In just under a year, Mirage has gone from being a pregnant stray who had her 6 babies in a trap, to my long-term foster-to-adopt kitty, to beating the odds and becoming an FIP Warrior! Mirage finally has a chance to enjoy being a playful, healthy kitten! To everyone who is on this incredible FIP journey, Mirage and I send our absolute best to you! It’s an amazing endeavor to take on treating FIP. There is hope! Keep fighting the good fight FIP Warriors!