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Hi my name is Kiana. End of January 2022 our kitten, Nugget, was diagnosed with FIP. The vet told us she has weeks to live as FIP was known to basically be a death sentence. We came upon the FIP group that allowed us to purchase medication that could cure her. She has come a long way since we started. She started with a bloated belly fully of fluid, lack of energy, eyes fogged over and barely eating or playing. We got all the way to day 80 and got her blood work back to see if we could go into observation. We were so optimistic. Everything looked good except for her A/G ratio level. We’re now devastated that we have to extend a few more weeks. With the cost of vials, all the bloodwork on top of expecting a baby in a few months, we simply cannot afford to extend her. Please help with whatever you can to donate. We’d really appreciate it! Our baby girl is only 10 months old. We cannot imagine a world without our Nugget. I’m due in July and I can’t imagine our baby not getting to me her she is our world! Anything helps! We really appreciate it!  I'm raising $1,000 until 5/22/22 for Help save Nuggets life. Can you help?

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