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❤️❤️❤️Help with kitty FIP SURVIVAL TREATMENT ❤️❤️❤️  
( this is the hardest thing I have ever done so far)

My name is Hope. I haven’t been a very lucky kitty so far, and I’m just around 1 year old.
I was living on the streets, I got my mouth badly infected, I was taken to the doctors to extract teeth, then I got a bad infection at the clinic, I got two flu type viruses there, and due to all the inflammation, I stopped eating and had to be force syringe fed for 5 weeks. I’m still at the clinic, another one now. After 5 weeks of battling flu and liver disease, i was only 2 kg. To make things harder, I got diagnosed with FIP. That happened because I have feline coronavirus, that has mutated inside me into a harmful lethal way. My human mum cried a lot when we found this out.

But🙏🙌✨😻❤️then my mum found there is a TREATMENT! My human mum is buying it for me every 3 days. I need an injection EVERYDAY FOR 84 DAYS. And I might have to stay at the clinic for the most part. I started this treatment on the 7th April, and I’m still connected to tubes and slowly starting to eat by myself. It’s vital that I put on weight.

The medication is a powerful ANTIVIRAL DRUG MEDICINE and I hope it will save me, like it saves humans ( it’s from the same human Remdesivir family), because the kind humans that I have around me now made me want to LIVE AGAIN.

My human mum needs help with the payment of my treatment. The whole 84 days cost around 2700Euros, including the medication and the clinic hospitalisation and supportive care I’m getting. She can’t do this by herself.

She says she has a very hard time asking for your help, but she has no other way if she is wants me to survive. Every little bit you will help will mean LIFE TO ME ❤️

Please get in touch with my mum Susana to see how you can help me live 🙏🙌✨😻❤️
Me and her say infinite thanks to you

❤️🐾 Meow 🐾❤️and May the Universe bless you always and give you a million times in return the help you will give me 🙏🙌✨😻❤️

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