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I have 6 cats from rescue and shelter adoption. One of them got pregnant one day (public shelters in Taiwan may have made a mistake on their neuter record. ) and she gave birth to five beautiful kittens. I gave two of them away and kept 3. When they are about 4 month old I found the only boy’s belly is growing bigger and bigger. The first time I asked my vet when I took the 3 kittens to get their vaccine the assistant thought he’s just growing so that’s why is belly was so big. A week later I took him to the vet again and the doc diagnosed him with FIP. He told me that there is no cure for FIP yet and my cat is going to die 100%. We could choose to put him to sleep or give him IFN to see how he reacts. I gave him the IFN and went home. Back then he didn’t show any sign of sickness, running, eating, playing like normal but since his blood test also shows FeLV positive , he had to be seperated from his family. I went online and reasrched so much and found UC Davis, this website and I also found a lot of FIP fighter in Taiwan they bought the new drug from China already. A lot of Taiwanese parents told me one source has really pure and effective GC 376 and GS 441 and many people told me their cats has recover ( blood test show normal result so they can stop the injection ). I asked around and know that the drug was probably the same formula of the UC Davis drug but it’s still not FDA approved and of course it’s not legal ( by the American law). I was fighting with myself, can’t decide if I should just do whatever to save my cat or I should be a good person and not to trust what’s on the internet beacuse they could be just selling illegal drugs. I wasn’t aware that my cat would suddenly become so weak, he was fine and eatting on 2/22 and 2/23 morning he wasn’t eating anymore and I took him to 2 vets they both think he’s time is nearly up. I was so shock and I went on the FIP parent group and many of the parents where very kind and one of them told me her cats was like mine and she turned better after GS / GC injection and they all suggest me to try. My cat was already drooling and vet could find his pause but I still ran through the city to find shot, his last chance for him. He pass away that night and I really regret that I didn’t decide to give him this new drug when he had better chance. The price for the GC 376 is around USD 37/ml and GS 441 is said to have a better effect on more serious cat and is around USD 100/ml. 1 kg of cat needs 0.3ml per day so this is really a very costly treatment if the parent choose to try. One clinic in Taiwan has this treatment ( of course, I checked, the vet won’t tell you where he got the drugs ) and the treatment is 14-20days of hospitalized treatment and a 3 months self injection at home treatment which cost more than USD 10,000. However the recovery rate is 30-50% according to the clinic and according the group of FIP parents, it’s about 70-80%. Sorry I have no way to proof this numbers. Just sharing all I’ve got to you. But anyone who’s considering this drug has to know that even if this drug cures the FIP, since it’s not FDA approved and is made by a pharmaceutical factory in China ( who I guess you will never found because even if they are legal factory they can never admit they make illegal drugs) their could be other damage or risk on your cats in a longer run. And if your sources is a bad scourge, they maybe selling a totally different or very low concentration drugs like a fraud. I couldn’t sleep the first 2 nights after my baby passed away, i closed my eyes and I see every moment of his last day. I regret every moment and all decidsion I have or have not made because I wasn’t sure, there wasn’t too much thrusted info and I used up my baby’s time to find them out. That’s why I am sharing my findings with you. Hope this drug can be made available much sooner so parents won’t have to fight our conscious and can learn full information from their trusted family vet to make a decision that’s best for the situation. Lastly I just want to express that there are so many kind and helpful people who I have never met real life they just form a group and help each other and even meet me and help my cat and myself in person. I am really touched and wanted to thank all of them for sharing and helping. As a volunteer working in a public shelter inTaipei, I’ve seen life and death, their are hope but there are also sad moments. I really thought i was prepared to life’s cycle but the last minute I realized it’s not that his dying that I regret and hurt so much, it’s that at the moment I wasn’t knowledged enough to make a decision, there wasn’t any second chances for me that gives me so much pain. One mom from the FIP group told me that if anyone told her the treatment would cost 10,000 from the very beginning, she may not have money and decides not to do it. Her cat is still on GS but books test is improving slowly, not well enough to stop like others.