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One year ago (Jan 2022), my kitten, Daisy, was diagnosed with FIP by our vet. Her stomach was very swollen - I thought she had a tumour - and the vet was able to show us it was filled with fluid. We were told it was 100% fatal and euthanasia was the only option... BUT... My vet knew I wouldn't let it go at that and she gave me an article about Dr. Piederson. By the end of the weekend we had ordered our first round of antivirus, spent hours on YouTube learning how to give an injection, and booked an appointment for the initial bloodwork to give us a baseline. One year on, Daisy is cured and happy. With all the doses, needles, blood panels etc. I think we spent ~$3K and she is worth every penny. Was it hard - yes! Did she hate it - yes! But I'd do it again with another kitten if I had to.