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Hi everyone. My 6 month old kitten Jolyne was diagnosed with FIP about a month ago. She’s a caring and loving kitten who I adore with all my heart. I remember the crushing feeling of hearing the news from my mother who had taken her to the vet. She had suddenly turned from a playful and energetic kitten to lethargic and sickly. We thought she had gotten into something, but what we found out was much worse. She has wet FIP, and the vet pulled a mass of liquid from her abdomen. We had two options, put her down or try to get the expensive treatment. I was unbearably crushed. I am only a university student and my parents don’t have a disposable income to easily afford the treatments. Nevertheless, we love Jolyne, and are fighting with everything we can to make her better. She’s on day 26 of her treatments, and it hasn’t been an easy road. Giving injections was stressful and nerve racking. She would always cry out when we did it, and we felt horrible but we knew we had to do it. She’s been getting stronger and it’s harder to give her injections, so we are switching to pills. Pills are more expensive however we can’t kept prodding her with needles. It’s a struggle to afford her treatment but we are fighting for her. I am dedicated to curing Jolyne of FIP and helping her return to her normal healthy self. Any donations or sharing of her story can help us. Thank you.

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