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Jupiter Blue is an 18 month old British Blue from the UK.🇬🇧 Jupiter loves chin rubs, cuddles, treats, and playing with his twirlers.

On 1 April 2022, Jupiter was diagnosed with FIP (Dry) at the Royal Veterinary Hospital, after his Vets couldn’t diagnose what was causing him to feel so poorly the preceding two weeks. We are grateful to have answers but couldn’t have expected FIP😢.

We are so lucky to have medicine available, and Jupiter started treatment straight away. He is slowly feeling better, and finding his feet again, and we pray he is on the road to recovery.🙏🏼

Like everyone fighting FIP, our Vet bills and medicine costs are extremely high. We appreciate any support you can give, whether that be financial towards his medicine or emotional support for us on our journey, love and prayers.🙏🏼

Thank you!

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